Friday, June 29, 2012


Hello lovely readers! As you might have noticed (or not lol), I have been blogging a lot less often nowadays. I recently started playing tennis in the evenings for a couple of hours and I am going to start a Zumba class soon. I really want to get down to my goal weight (which is a good 30-40 pounds less than I currently weigh!) so I'm trying to be a lot more active. As you can imagine, this is really cutting into my nail time :( 

So I have an old mani for you today: 

Base color: Sinful Colors Savage on all fingers except ring finger which is Sinful Colors Nirvana
Top color: SC Nirvana (on most) and SC Savage on ring finger
Top coat: Seche Vite

A couple days later I got bored with it so I added Essie Matte About You. 

The application on both of these polishes was excellent and both colors are lovely. Caution though, Savage can really stain your fingernails! So double up on base coat. 

So what do you guys think? What are your tips for preventing stains? 

As always, I hope you enjoyed it and thanks for reading!


  1. I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. You can find the info and rules here:

    I am loving this mani. Very nice job. : )

    1. Thanks for the nomination! That was very sweet of you :)

  2. very pretty manicure, love the matte top coat :)

    1. thank you! I am in love with my matte top coat, I completely overuse it lol